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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Internet Explorer doesnt handle xpath to locate images exceptionally well

So i have been doing a lot of selenium and the website i am trying to automate test for
doesnt have a lot of element with id, name, or any other HTML attributes that makes selenium testing a bit easier.

So i have been using of xpath, my intent was to click on an image and i have used the src attribute of the image element.

so my original command, ("xpath=//img[@src="location/of/image/on/disc"]");

This works excellently on firefox but on IE, i keep getting the error "Element not found!"

so after several tries, this definitely work on both IE and firefox ...... ("xpath=//img[@contains(@href, "")]");
The second parameter of the xpath "contains" a segment of the link that the image element points to.Note that the img element has a href and that is why i am able to use the "contains" method of the xpath to locate the img.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Use selenium to create screenshot

I just stunbled across selenium as a tool to take screenshot.
Thuis could be useful for anything.

In my case i used it to take the screenshot of a page just before it throws an error in my selenium test. and that i could have a look and investigate what the problem might have been.

very simple command and the great thing is it can be easily used for screenshots of a page across different browsers.

browser.CaptureEntirePageScreenshot("C:\\actual _path_to_where_you_want the_file _placed\\screenshot.png");

Selenium and Javascript events

Have you ver been in situattion when youhave typed a value into a text box and you expect a
Javascript event to be called such as "OnBlur"

welll selenium has a method "FireEvent" which triggers the event for you, but then the trick is you have to strip the "on" and name for the event wouldbe "OnBlur"

I guess abit of example would make more sense, lol.
This is what my html look like

<input type="text" value="" onblur="JavaScript:ValidateSimpleMail(true);" size="25" name="EMAIL_1" id="EMAIL_1"/>

selenium command to type into an email box, which doesnt fire the event attached to the text box

browser.Type("EMAIL_1", "");

The work around is to use selenium to fire the event after it has typed in the textbox
FireEvent(locator, eventName) which in my case is

browser.FireEvent("EMAIL_1", "blur");

Monday, 3 November 2008

Selenium: Xpath locator can not be used as Option Locator

In my new job been doing a lot of selenium and i needed to scroll through the list of
options in a select element and click on a particular options.

i have initially used the browser.DoubleClick


But then this didnt work because selenium doesn't have the functionality to scroll down the select element in other to make my desired option visible.

Looking through the selenium api, i have used another method, which take in two parameters, the select locator and the option locator.

so i used:

browser.Select("xpath=//select", "xpath =//option[child::text()='Option_Label']");

that hasnt work either as the option locator type cannot be xpath. it has to be a label, id, atrribute, name or any other html locator

so i have done

browser.Select("xpath=//select", "label=Option_Label");

which in myown opinion i think is good as it is robust for a selenium test.